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Stephen Bourne
Barrister at Law
LLM MBS MSc(Psych) ANZIIF(Fellow)

Family Law Children's Law Criminal Law Commercial Practice as a Lawyer

• 1998 Admitted as a legal practitioner in New Zealand
• 2004 Admitted as a legal practitioner in Australia
• 2009 Admitted as a barrister in New Zealand

Areas of Practice

• Insurance Law and Litigation
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• Commercial and Civil Litigation
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• Coronial Inquests and Inquiries
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• Criminal and Traffic Defence
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• Child Law and Child Protection
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• Family Court Proceedings
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I was first admitted as a legal practitioner in 1998, and have worked as a solicitor and a barrister in both New Zealand and Australia. Throughout this period, I have undertaken a wide variety of court matters ranging from criminal jury trials to commercial litigation. This has also included roles as a senior lawyer in the public sector, focusing particularly on care jurisdiction (child protection) matters, family law, administrative law, coronial inquests, and civil claims against the state.


• Master of Laws Degree (with Merit) - Victoria University
• Master of Business Studies Degree - Massey University
• Master of Science (Psychology) Degree - Massey University
• Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

Contact Details

Address in New Zealand: PO Box 39018, Harewood, Christchurch 8545
Telephone: +64 (0) (3) 288 01 80 or +61 (0) 418 254 043
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